I am Divine

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I am a mother of two, and a grandmother. I have lived in the best and worst of neighborhoods I have been my own best friend and worst enemy. For a large part of my life I suffered from self sabotage not knowing that it was all caused by things that I heard about myself growing up from other people. I did not realize that I had begun to believe the things people said to me growing up, and as I studied the mind and the bible I found correlations. That is how I began my journey back to self. In a blink of an eye, I decided " I can assist others", so I studied Reiki and began to practice and received great feed back. Also I thought about when I was in a few abusive relationship, and how torn down I felt inside and out. That brought me to Mary Kay. Yes Mary Kay. Why Mary Kay? The sisterhood which I never had and the support of other phenomenal women. So the next step was to repair my Credit so that I could live where I wanted and how I wanted. I gained momentum and made yet another decision to become a Personal Coach while I studied for my Certifications. Let me tell you I am grateful for Ztrip (yep a cab company). That company paid my way through school and I found so many clients I quit. That was the ultimate game changer for me I began to reach even further pushing myself to Greatness. My passion continued to grow and the more I moved to Aid others in becoming their best version I could see that I would be creating space for a New World Order. When one heals from the past it also heals the present and the future path of the Souls Journey. Not Leaning into my own understanding but divinely Guided created for all of this and I do it all with Love. Your Heart lead you here now allow me to heal you from hurt and pain from your past. We all Desire and Deserve.